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June 11th, 2010 Posted 9:21 am


.Campaign started on 20th of June 2010.

NiGHTS into Dreams is celebrating its 15th Anniversary on July 5th 2011. We would like SEGA to celebrate this anniversary with the fans by porting the original game 'NiGHTS into Dreams' to this generation of gaming consoles. We would like your support in asking SEGA for this.

This website has been created so that fans and gamers can come in to show their support easily and quickly.
All you have to do to show your support is click the 'FANS' button once and the number of voters will begin to tally up. That's all there is to it. Also feel free to leave a comment or join the discussion at our forum.

For more information on NiGHTS into Dreams, why this site is here and what our goal is in more detail please check the 'About' page.

For campaign graphics you can use in blogs/twitter/facebook please see the Resources section.

Please show your support to bring back this cult classic. Spread the word. Thank you for your time.


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June 22nd, 2010 Posted 9:53 am

[ Newest updates at the top ]

- In an interview with Takashi Iizuka at Summer of Sonic he directly told us that he would be happy to see NiGHTS stay in the minds of gamers for years to come.
- SEGA recently asked fans via Facebook if they would be interested in a NiGHTS port appearing on current consoles.

- SEGA has announced a port of classic Saturn game 'Guardian Heroes' recently, thus proving that Saturn ports CAN be done.
- SEGA US, EU and JP are aware of this campaign, even refering and linking to it on occassion via official blogs and video.
- We were allowed to promote the campaign at the UK Summer of Sonic convention which in turn is funded by SEGA.
- Yuji Naka (The previous head of Sonic Team) is in favour of our campaign.
- Takashi Iizuka knows of our campaign.
- Numerous mainstream gaming websites have promoted our campaign including  the likes of Kotaku.
- Previously we directly influenced SEGA to add NiGHTS as Flagman to Allstars Racing which was a huge achievement for our fanbase.
- This year is NiGHTS' 15th anniversary alongside Sonic's 20th.
- It is common knowledge that NiGHTS was already ported to the PS2 with improved graphics in Japan only a couple of years ago.
- SEGA seem to be releasing a lot of classic ports lately from their back catalogue of IP's.

21st August 2011:

Although half the internet already knows by now (and I hate stating the obvious) SEGA reached out to the fans directly via Facebook in an official capacity on July 5th:

"To our wonderful NiGHTS fans – we haven't forgotten that today is the 15th anniversary of NiGHTS, so happy 15th anniversary to NiGHTS and huge thank you! to everyone for supporting the character and game for all these years! How would you feel about seeing the original "NiGHTS into dreams…" being re-released? Also, if you think this is a good idea… which platform do you think NiGHTS should be released in? We'd love to hear your thoughts!"

I'd say that's the biggest incentive to get your voices heard that you'll ever need ;) If you've not done so already make your way over to SEGA's official Facebook page and share your thoughts with them.

In other news Summer of Sonic went splendidly for us NiGHTS fans this year. So many fans came to talk to us at our table both old and new, some only having ever known NiGHTS from the Pinball table in Sonic Adventure. It was great to meet you all and to hear your opinions face to face about this campaign to revive NiGHTS. We even got to sit down with the current boss of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka -and- the ex boss Yuji Naka to talk about NiGHTS. They were both very pleased to see our enthusiasm and were both supportive of NiGHTS staying in view of modern gamers. I feel a lot of good came from that day, being able to talk to so many vital people directly. So lets keep up the support and keep showing how much we want this port to happen!


10th May 2011:

It's been a good few months since we've updated here due to being so busy at work but the number of fans wanting a NiGHTS port has steadily been rising! Let's officialy kick this campaign back into gear. It's NiGHTS' 15th anniversary soon and demand for Saturn titles is at an all time high after it was announced last week that the classic Saturn game 'Guardian Heroes' is being… PORTED. Yup you heard me right, SEGA is porting a Saturn game. This pretty much proves that nothing is impossible! So what's stopping us guys from having our favourite game being made available on modern consoles too? Afterall when it comes to being outspoken and having genuine passion for what we do, us NiGHTS fans are a force to be reckoned with. Lets make some noise and get our voices heard. We already managed to change the outcome of one SEGA game by having NiGHTS included as the flagman so we CAN get the Saturn game ported if we really make a show in numbers.

Reading through comments of support for the release of Guardian heroes and other Saturn titles I see constant requests for NiGHTS. But a lot of those people who want NiGHTS ported don't even know our campaign exists. It's your duty as a fan to make sure that word gets around and we get the support that we need to make this happen.

If this -did- happen and we got the original game ported imagine how many more new people would be introduced to NiGHTS into Dreams. The original game is remembered fondly for a reason. Don't let a great title go to waste. The PS2 port being Japan only was incredibly unfair, if more people had known the PS2 port even *existed* then the chances of it coming out over here would have been better. DO NOT LET what happened with the PS2 port happen again to a NiGHTS current console port. Help us before the chance dissapears. This is the best chance we've ever got, the timing of Guardian Heroes being ported has raised public awareness of the SEGA Saturn and we're very close to NiGHTS' 15th and Sonic's 20th. SEGA is having a rip-roaring year with great titles so make sure that this year is the year that NiGHTS returns. And heck, if you're sick and tired of us moaning/demanding/asking for NiGHTS stuff then this is the best chance you have to get us to shut up :p … (for a while)

We are close to 5000 votes now, which for a little campaign ran by two fans is pretty impressive, but we're going to need to see those numbers and the demand still coming in. Get us votes! You're a gamer, you know other gamers, tell your friends about the game and the campaign. Let people know this campaign exists and that we need their support if we're going to make this happen.

Trust me when I say this is a good year for SEGA and fans alike. Please let NiGHTS be a part of this. It's rare that big companies listen to fans but SEGA actually does care. So let's show SEGA we do too.

Here's the SEGA Announcement for Guardian Heroes:



29th September 2010:

We are now over 3000 supporters for a NiGHTS digital download port! Thank you to everyone spreading the word. Let's keep the support coming. I'm proud of how many people still care about NiGHTS :)



12th August 2010:

We recently attended the fantastic Summer of Sonic convention in London. If you recieved one of the free goodie-bags on the day you may have been surprised to see a campaign flyer in there designed by yours truely. It was a lot of fun to draw NiGHTS and Sonic again, especially for a piece of art that so many people would get to see. Below I've included the art for you to see it in detail. Many thanks to AAUK, Svend and SOE for letting us advertise and for making us feel so welcome. Check out our main site for our full report on the convention itself! See you all again next year ;)



24th July 2010:

Thanks to SEGA America for a nice bit of NiD15 campaign promotion in their Free Stuff Friday video yesterday :) It's good to know our hard work is getting around. As of today we have 2205 supporters for a NiGHTS port. Check out the video here:

Thanks! Lets keep this support up. DiGi and I are currently sorting out some extra promotional materials for a certain upcoming UK event…

13th July 2010:

Our trump card was just placed on the table. If anyone had doubts of taking our campaign seriously before, now is the time to re-evaluate that doubt.

Thanks to a series of bizzare coincidences, good timing and scary good luck we were able to directly interview Yuji Naka about NiGHTS into Dreams, with some help from Takashi Iizuka and Naofumi Hataya. Guess who supports the idea of a NiGHTS port? Ohhh yeahhhh:



5th July 2010:

Audio taken from the upcoming OCRemix project – NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming
Music track 'Twin Seeds Flyby' composed by Level 99 of OCR. Download it for free [ HERE ] Right click 'Save Link As'.

Thank you to Charlie from for the footage and to Kori for the remix artwork. Video by DiGi Valentine.
~Happy 14th Birthday NiGHTS~


1st July 2010:


Thanks to all that internet wide waxing of Saturn nostalgia yesterday NiGHTS was a hot topic on many big gaming sites and forums. It's great to see how many people still love the original. Even more impressive is the amount of people who never had a chance to play it but WANT to. Reading through peoples Saturn wishlists of possible port games- NiGHTS was mentioned in about 90% of posts to an overwhelmingly positive degree. I want SEGA to understand that even though NiGHTS was ported to the PS2 (in Japan) the majority of NiGHTS fans don't live in Japan. Running the fanbase for so many years I know this as fact. Making a port for a current generation's download system makes sense both fan pleasingly and financialy. Huge thanks to the news sites out there who linked to our campaign :)

30th June 2010:

*UPDATE* Okunari replied to me saying that although the PS2 version did not make it out of Japan he hopes he can challenge himself in the future with the possibility of a port. Win. Lets keep showing our demand in numbers and general enthusiasm towards NiGHTS into Dreams.

30th June 2010:
FANTASTIC NEWS! SEGA are considering porting some of the Saturn catalogue to current systems! According to an interview today with Yosuke Okunari, producer of the developer's forthcoming XBLA Dreamcast ports – SEGA have not forgotten the Saturn classics. Okunari-san asked for suggestions so I contacted him directly pointing him to this campaign. Let's see if this makes any difference. Great news!

Read the article here:

27th June 2010:
We've reached 1000 supporters for a NiGHTS port! But keep those votes coming in, we're going to need a lot more than 1000 to make some noise.

22nd June 2010:
Thank you all so much for your incredible support so far! After only being online for 2 days now we have smashed the numbers of support for our last campaign. Currently standing at 728 supporters we're well on our way to our first thousand. There has been a lot of talk and positivity about this little mission of ours online so we have introduced the 'Coverage' section above which lists all blogs, discussions and links we find or that you submit. This way we can see how far things are travelling.

SEGA are keeping an eye on this page with many of the employees like AAUK and RubyEclipse showing open support themselves. Steve Lycett – Exec Producer from SUMO Digital has also been seen openly supporting NiD15 on Twitter and Facebook. So lets do what we can to show numbers. SEGA already knows how passionate we are about the franchise from former things we've done so lets concentrate on drumming up solid interest amongst the gaming community and within the industry itself.

For those of you who don't think that campaigns work or that companies don't listen to fans – [READ]

Thanks for all the comments, suggestions and general brilliance. Keep it up!